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Every day, nine women are diagnosed in New Zealand. Yearly, about 650 women die from breast cancer. It is the most frequent cancer for NZ women and men can get it too.

Scientists still don’t know what causes most breast cancers, or how to stop breast cancer spreading beyond the breast. 

Breast Cancer Foundation NZ is one of the country’s most respected and well-known charities. Our vision and mission is to have Zero Deaths from breast cancer, by pushing for new frontiers in early breast cancer detection, treatment and patient support.

Through four key initiatives, Breast Cancer Foundation NZ is making a difference:

1.       We educate and raise awareness of early detection. Survival rates are much higher when tumours are less than two centimetres in size.

2.       We invest in medical research to improve treatment and find cures.

3.       We improve the quality of life of people with breast cancer. We support and fund counselling and rehabilitation, and advice through our nurse helpline.

4.       We advocate for more and better government funding and equal treatment for all.


“I’ve always been aware of my breasts; always touching and feeling for lumps. The Breast Cancer Foundation is absolutely amazing. You guys probably saved my life. – Sharon


But we can’t undertake this on our own. As a charitable trust, we depend on the generosity and support of donors, volunteers and corporate partners. 


For more information, visit our website or check us on Facebook


Breast Cancer Foundation NZ was established in 1994 and is a Registered charitable entity under Charities Act 2005, registration #CC3002.








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