Donate through your giving account

Donate to the causes you care about for free!


Simply go to 'Shop At' on the Kiteflyr website and shop at your favourite stores to gather donations without costing you.

add your bills & subscriptions

Add your bills to your Kiteflyr account, such as your electricity, insurance etc. in a matter of minutes to start receiving free donations to give out to who YOU want to give to. 


Why would I shop through Kiteflyr?

By doing your normal shopping, you're gathering money that you can donate to a good cause that YOU care about without costing you anything! Your shopping isn't more expensive than it would be if you weren't a Kiteflyr member.

  • How do I know my shopping gathered a donation? 

    If you clicked on the 'Shop Now' button, your shopping gathered a donation. It may take up to 7 days for your donation to appear in your Giving Account.

  • Where can I shop?

    You can shop at any of the retailers listed under 'Shop At'. 

  • What information do I need to give you?

    You don't need to give us any information. 

  • Will Kiteflyr know what I buy?

    No, we don't know what you buy and we don't need to know. We do know the total $ amount that you spent, so we can calculate how many dollars to attribute to your Giving Account for you to donate to a good cause. We have no desire to know whether you bought toothpaste or a new bookcase :)

Get started with raising money for free today!

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