Syria Children's Winter Appeal

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Syrian children have suffered through seven years of horrific war. With no end in sight, they need help now more than ever.

The war in Syria has raged for seven brutal years.

Drained and exhausted from seven years of hell, family resources inside Syria and neighbouring countries are running dangerously low, pushing children and their families to extreme measures to survive.

Extreme violence is spiking, with conflict now being the leading cause of death amongst adolescents in Syria. Over 1000 children were horrifically injured or killed in the first two months of 2018 alone. 

 And In besieged areas, countless families have no way of preparing even a basic meal. Children face critical levels of hunger, malnutrition and disease. Recently UNICEF health workers met a two-year-old boy with an arm the size of a little finger in East Ghouta.

Elsewhere, displaced families live in flimsy make-shift settlements and refugee camps. Every day kids wake up scared, hungry and sick.

Without urgent intervention, many children will die.

Right now, UNICEF teams are on the ground throughout Syria, risking their lives to bring medical care, safe water and life-saving nutrition to children with no other options. But we need your help to bring emergency supplies to more children in danger and save young lives now.

Just $44 can give 80 packets of ready-to-eat therapeutic food to save the lives of malnourished children.

Any amount you can give will help provide children with what they need to survive this deadly crisis.







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